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It isn't about the clothing - It's about you!  It is about not letting others define you. How many times have you been told "you can't do that" when you know in your heart you can? If you have a winning attitude inside you, then you already understand what we mean when we say "Be Ready." Sports is about overcoming adversity and developing the attitude you need to win.

This company was founded by people just like you who were told at some point in their lives that they weren't good enough, strong enough, or talented enough to make it. But they didn't listen to what other people said. When they met resistance and mockery, they just got more determined. If that is who you are or who you want to be, you already understand what Sports means. That is why we say, the Sports brand is lifestyle clothing. When you wear Sports, you are becoming part of a winning team. The Sports logo is an expression of your inner commitment to be your best and to overcome whatever obstacles are put in your way.

Others may not understand what it means when you wear Sports, but you do, and that is all that matters. When others say, "you can't," don't just say you can, prove them wrong!

Winning is an attitude: Are Your Ready?

Be Ready

Not "Are You Going to Be Ready?" But "Are you Ready?"

Be Ready Sports™ is dedicated to all the players who want to overcome the odds; and not only make it, but prove all the people wrong who say you can't get it done. Whether it's to make the TEAM, get a FULL-RIDE or GET PAID in the league, Be Ready Sports™ is inspirational apparel ...that says BE READY.

Created by players for players. Who love to go after it. Who want to get better. And who know the importance to BE READY.

Be Ready Sports™ is about using the power of being strong. Knowing the importance of believing in yourself ...and your game. It's about being aggressive. Not some of the time ...but all of the time. Knowing that nothing will hold you back. 'Cause remember, THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

Be Ready Sports™ is about the attitude of being successful because you out-work the competition; not out-trash talk them.

Be Ready Sports™ respects the special attitude of players who are driven to bring their "A" game each and every day because they know how important it is to BE READY.



A Winning Mentality.

As a coach, how many times have you preached the importance of this philosophy to your kids?

It's about a mentality. It's about a focus. It's about Be Ready Sports™ ...BE READY.

Be Ready Sports™ is an inspirational new brand of apparel - created by players for players that promotes what you as a coach want to instill in your team: Persistence.. .Aggressiveness... and Overcoming Adversity in reaching team goals.

Be Ready Sports™ helps your players be Competitive and Confident to gain that Mental Toughness needed to compete each and every practice ...each and every game.

Be Ready Sports™ focuses your players on what it takes to be successful. Ignoring the Noise of those who say they aren't good enough. Of staying positive, always positive. Of achieving their goals by outworking and out-practicing the competition - not out-trash talking them. Of showing good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat.

Be Ready Sports™ offers aggressive designs that promote its mentality. Made especially for teams that not only want to succeed, but are driven to do their best.

Your team's extra edge is Be Ready Sports™ ... Be Ready.™


Hot New Apparel ...With a Cool Attitude.

Be Ready Sports™ is an inspirational new brand. Created by players for players like you. Who love basketball. And want to get better.

Because Be Ready Sports™ promotes being Competitive and Confident in your abilities. It promotes Practice and Persistence so that you gain that mental toughness to improve each and every day. Each and every practice.

That's what BE READYmeans. Doing everything to be the best player you can.

Sometimes things don't go so well. But Be Ready Sports™ is about overcoming a bad game or practice. Not letting it bother you. Because you've made up your mind to do better the next time.

With Be Ready Sports™ you can Ignore the Noise of those who say you aren't good enough. Because you can Outwork the Competition to get better and achieve your goals. Maybe it's just making the team. Starting. Or even being the leading scorer or rebounder.

Be Ready Sports™ is hot new apparel... with a cool Be Ready Sports™ attitude that gives you that extra edge.

For players who are driven to do their very best because they know to Be Ready.™


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