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How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

You are asking the wrong question! This question is the right question:

How Much Do You Want to Make?

Asking about website costs without having a vision for what you can make from a good website is looking down the wrong end of a telescope: everything appears smaller than it really is, it distorts your vision, and lowers your expectations. If you can make 30% more than you are making now, how much is a good website worth to you? If it costs you $15,000 to develop a quality site with a year of internet advertising, but brings in $150,000 of new business, what's stopping you from spending $15,000? If you are only looking at the costs, your focus is down the wrong end.

Through a multi-year development program and simple advertising strategies, my clients have seen an increase of revenues of over $100,000 a year. So, my question to you is: "How much do you want to make?"

Quality Website Design is the Necessary First Step!

All the marketing in the world will not help you if your site is poorly designed. Peterson Design service is the first step in a complete online marketing package for you or your company. Site Ranking depends on website quality of design and coding. Read More...

All Packages Now Include Mobile Phone Compatibility.

Because Apple has made its platform incompatible with Flash , we are now moving away from Flash designs and using HTML5 interactivity instead. New sites will be built from the ground up with mobile phones in mind. Mobile phone access to client websites is now approaching 20% of the visits made to the sites.

Mobile Phones, HTML5 , HTML5 Animations, and Web Design

We have a full complement of marketing programs, database services, hosting options, Web site and HTML5 site design services. The history of Peterson Design Studio dates back to 1993. Check out the history section for glimpse of our pioneering web work in electronic magazines and journals, or see a portfolio of award winning designs.

Peterson Design also offers a full range of digital video and audio production services, including web streaming and compression, Quick Time, Real Audio, Real Video, and Windows Media Player services. We can master your DVD production or film your commercial or instructional video on location. For more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line.


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