Peterson Design Studio History

Jefferis Peterson, a Web pioneer, produced one of the first magazines distributed Venice Dock with Gondolasover the Internet in 1993. The e-journal was called O Theophilus. It was distributed on Common Ground with graphics and text for Windows and Macintosh users.

Jefferis was also one of the first to produce full academic courses for the internet. He became a developer of online education services for The Center For Biblical Literacy, and he worked with that agency until 1998. Some of this early work is now available on The Scholar's Corner

In 1999, Jefferis launched Peterson Sales, as a web design and marketing company. His designs have already won several "Top Site" awards for his clients on places like NBCi and Christsites. He coordinates marketing campaigns and video productions for his clients.

Jefferis is also an inventor, and through his inventions and marketing he helped establish Pyne Tree Enterprises a manufacturer of hardware for the grocery industry. Through his work in a Pittsburgh trade agency, he marketed thousands of unique retail and wholesale products. He has over 25 years of experience in marketing and sales.

Marketing campaigns and Editorial Services include:

  • IGOTA, Inc. Facebook and Community Forums Sites
  • Nesbit's Landscaping - Regional Google Ad Campaigns
  • Joden World Resources - Increasing Internet sales by $$$
  • Martin Kirschenbaum, Inc. - Complete Google Adwords Campaign
  • Moses Jewelers - Google Adwords Campaign
  • Generation Billiards - Google Ad Campaign
  • American Community Training Services - Bringing the Corporate Resources of America to the Inner City.
  • Editor and Contributing Writer to The Pastor's Staff: The Essential Resource for Running a Church
  • African-American Leadership Council - an Educational Ministry
  • Dorris Development Services - A Real Estate Development Company.

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