Electronic Magazines and Web Journals for Advertising

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An Original Approach

One of the unique services offered by Peterson Sales is the creation of targeted web magazines. Since early 1994, Peterson Sales pioneered in web design via internet distributed e-magazines.

  • We target a specific readership for your business. In traditional advertising, you may spend millions of dollars in an effort to create brand loyalty and name recognition. Our approach is different:
  • We create an online, monthly magazine of feature stories, consumer education, and news of the industry which appeal to the special interest of your clientele.
  • We generate a customer database from those who are interested in your type of products.
  • Our subscriber list is gathered only from customers who request to be included in our mailings
  • In each issue, we include stories about your store, highlight new items, list special sales and featured products. The web pages are linked to your catalog, sales, and ordering information.
  • We send newsletter reminders for each issue inviting subscribers back to the web site to see what’s new.

    The benefit of creating your own target market customer base on the web is that you do not waste your advertising dollars.

    You can spend millions of dollars on the Web, hoping to gain a few clients; or, you can spend much less to create your own market share. The choice is yours.


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